Brand Heritage


Founded by AMOREPACIFIC more than 25 years ago, Mamonde was born out of a single, beautiful idea: there’s more to flowers than their beauty.

Through years of loving research, Mamonde has discovered and captured the vital secrets of flowers, maximizing their benefits in our products.

In Mamonde Garden, through a sincere care for the flowers, we extract their essence in the most gentle ways, collecting only naturally fallen buds, petals and seeds to preserve their life source and our shared ecosystem. Guided by sunlight, water, wind and soil, we nurture dozens of floral species including Camellia, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle and Roses as they open and close, bloom and recede, in harmony with the rhythms of nature.


We use good-for-you, skin loving ingredients you can trust in all our beauty care. Mamonde leads the way in fair-trade practices through engaging programs designed to nurture and connect to our local communities. To raise awareness of the importance of bees as a life source for our flowers, Mamonde built the Honey Bee Garden in Seoul, where we recognize bees as vital to nature’s beauty on Bee Happy Day and every day around the world.

We invite you on a journey to discover our beauty secrets...and to see your own beauty fully blossom.

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