Floral Hydrao Ampoule Toner (150 ML)

Main Ingredients:
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A hydrating toner that combines an ampoule texture and rich hydration to recharge dry skin.

Next level innovation amps up your hydration! Our unique formula combines the texture of an ampoule with the deep hydration of a toner. Narcissus Flower Extract and Water Cycle™ Technology deliver more intense hydration to the deepest skin layers. Locks in moisture to reduce water loss.


    • Water Cycle ™ Technology
    • -3-step moisture infusion that replenishes, delivers intense moisture and locks it in
    • Ampoule Texture
    • -Hydrating ampoule formula transforms to a water texture that melts into skin
    • Micro-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid
    • -Re-hydrates the deepest skin layers
  • After cleansing, dispense a small amount into hands and gently swipe over face, starting from the nose outward.
  • Use morning and evening.