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Mamonde believes in the power of flowers.

At the Mamonde Garden, we study the wisdom of nature in flowers and carefully extract active ingredients to flourish the beauty within you.

Welcome to the Mamonde Garden! Here in our garden just outside Seoul, we cultivate and study the flowers and botanicals at the heart of Mamonde’s skin loving skincare. From bud to blossom, Mamonde specialists reveal what makes flowers nature’s most beautiful force. Their delicate petals and intoxicating aromas, the infinite variety of colors, and all other things we see and feel in growing flowers, energize us on our journey to enhance every woman’s beauty. Guided by sunlight, water, wind and soil, we nurture dozens of floral species including Camellia, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle and Roses as they open and close in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

We love flowers, we love what we do – and we hope you do, too!

Hibiscus Hibiscus Black

Flowering Hibiscus trees bloom each day, yielding thousands of flowers in the span of 100 days. Hibiscus wakens early in the morning and fades in the evening, in an expression of infinite vitality.

Why we love it: Meaning “flower of eternity” in Korean, Hibiscus flowers are renowned for their power of regeneration and hydration on skin.

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Camellia Camellia Black

Camellia comes into bloom in the sub-zero cold of the Korean winters. With surprising vitality, the bright red Camellia flowers are a reminder of nature’s endurance.

Why we love it: Extract of the Camellia flower possesses unique collagen building properties that has a firming effect on skin.

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Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Black

Maintaining its green leaves though the winter, the Honeysuckle flower’s striking beauty awakens in summer, blooming in silver and transforming into a brilliant gold within days.

Why we love it: Our own Honeysuckle Flower Extract is fermented an entire year to amplify its antioxidant potency and enhance its effect on uneven skin tone and dullness.

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Narcissus Narcissus Category Narcissus Black

Narcissus flower bulbs store abundant reserves of water, allowing the flowers to flourish in the early summer when they transfer hydration between multiple flower heads.

Why we love it: We discovered that the low molecular water extracted from the Narcissus flower absorbs more deeply into the skin for truly intense moisture..

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Lotus Lotus Black

One of the most remarkable of all of nature’s flowers, the beauty of the Lotus hails from its raw purity. While Lotus flower roots extend deep into the mud, it purifies itself, blooming clean, vibrant flowers.

Why we love it:With its unique self-cleansing quality, Lotus Flower Extract possesses a powerful purifying effect on skin.

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Rose Rose Black

Roses are renowned for their intensive hydrating and soothing properties and beloved for their exquisite, intoxicating scent.

Why we love it: The Bulgarian Damask Rose renders a pure rose water extract that is more hydrating than water itself.

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